Removing Dust Particles

The rug is first throughly vacuumed and vibrated on its backside. Doing this from the back of the rug ensures that dust particles fall from the knots of the rug down to the floor. A metal grid placed beneth the rug creates a space between the rug and the floor.

You can see the amount of dirt that had been attached to the inner knots of the rug, and is now removed.

Next, the rug is fliped over and vacummed throughly to capture any remaining dust on its front side.

Washing the Rug

Once the dust from the rug has been removed, the rug will be initially washed and scrubbed faced down.

Then, the rug is turned over and cleaned face front. You can see the dirt washed away from the threads of the rug.

Again, a through washing and scrubbing being done on the front side of the rug.

After the process is complete, the rug is hung to dry in a closely monitored temperature controlled room. This room is ventilated to ensure that the rug receives proper moisture and eliminates mold from forming.